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GRAMEGNA MS 90-1, Avtomatski stroj za pakiranje izdelkov po sistemu "bundle" vstopnim trakom pod kotom 90°

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Automatic sleeve wrapper with 1 track loading belt at 90° and pneumatic pusher

with 900 mm sealing bar

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Sleeve wrapper ms 90 - 1

The new series of Minipack-torre sleeve wrappers offers you the possibility of increasing your company’s production, assuring efficiency and reliability.

The MS 90 - 1 automatic sleeve wrappers are suitable for packaging different types of small-medium sized products in flat heat-shrink plastic film. Thanks to the 90° loading belt, the machine allows you to group the products for easier bundling.



    • Feed belt arranged at 90°
    • Pneumatic pusher with multi-row preassembly
    • Sealing bar with a film cutting blade (no smoke during the sealing step)
    • Height of the worktop: 850 +/-25mm
    • Photoelectric cell that blocks the sealing bar if it encounters an obstacle in its path
    • Passage opening under the sealing bar 380 mm
    • Automatic wrapping system of the film reels with dragging rollers
    • Heat-shrinking film reels with max diameter 350 mm - thickness between 35 and 100 microns
    • The temperature of the sealing bar and the tunnel is controlled by temperature-control devices
    • Heat-shrinking tunnel insulated with rock wool and heated with resistors. Forced ventilation with air circulation
    • Heat-shrinking tunnel Length 1500 mm with air circulation system
    • Internal conveyor belt in the heat-shrinking Tunnel, driven by a gear motor with adjustable speed and featuring a thin steel mesh grate with side chains
    • Switch to change the cycle from automatic to manual
    • Installed power 26 kW
    • Average electricity consumption is reduced by about 40% during normal operation
    • Air consumption 140 nl/min
    • Pneumatic components that work with non-lubricated dry air
    • Power supply: Option between 3phases 220V and 400V 3phases + N + T
    • Machines compatible with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC


Side rollers to facilitate reel insertion

Upper and lower manual reel centring device

Reel end photocell

Machine mounted on wheels

These rollers stop the pack and prevent it from falling

Pack cooling fan

Side presser rollers, to completely close the pack

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Automatic sleeve wrapper with 1 track loading belt at 90° and pneumatic pusher

with 900 mm sealing bar