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DM PACK - STAR EVO, Pakirni stroj za pakiranje v termo folijo (polrokav) z neskončnim vzdolžnim varjenjem

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Star Evo

New STAR EVOLUTION continuous sealing packaging machine

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New generation and design, side sealing packaging machine, super-accessible and simple to use. Excellent for packaging and total closure of various types of products with heat shrinking or other film, center-folded or flat film. Great flexibility of the machine, thanks to the possibility of having it in various sizes with a fixed, intermittent or box motion bar, with simple sealing, with Euroforo or easy opening. it covers a vast range of product packaging. For a new and simpler way of working and increasingly elevated performance.


General features


3-belt, side sealer packaging machine. Compact and simple (500 version with built-in tunnel: 3 m x 1.2 m)

Highly flexible, it covers an increasingly extensive range of packaged products: cosmetics, pharmaceutical, plastic, food etc.

Suitable for single packaging or multipacked products manually or automatically loaded by using additional systems (stackers, multipack formers, diverters, etc.).

Huge savings in film and energy thanks to the possibility of producing tight packs.

An extraordinarily accessible structure, allowing work from both sides, 3-position operator station thanks to the rotating touch screen.

Excellent design for maintenance and cleaning. Available in painted and stainless steel version.

Possibility of creating a customised machine choosing various devices from the list of optionals.


Specific features


STAR EVOLUTION design available in COMBO format (with compact tunnel) or separate tunnel.

'BABY' version available with bar width 300 mm; version 500, 600, up to the widest version, 800 mm, with standard height of 300 mm or with optional up to 450 mm. Versions 500 & 600 are also available in the "COMBO" version with built-in tunnel. Thanks to the optional and "double" sealing systems, you can work with all the types of film available on the market: polyolefin, polypropylene, flat or center-folded film, neutral or printed.

Available in intermittent or box motion version based on customer's speed requirements or with "rotative" bar for high speeds, even in special versions with intermittent or moving, vertical seal bar.

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Star Evo

New STAR EVOLUTION continuous sealing packaging machine

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